Christmas comes but once a year, so why not make this year bigger than ever? There are a few elements that make for a memorable party: an exciting theme, a unique welcome and a strong finish! Statistics show that people remember primarily the first and last few minutes after a lavish celebration, and the “high” point. Think of a classic wedding- you remember seeing the bride walk down the aisle, maybe a dance or speech from the reception, and the final send off most vividly! Do you know how to create this magical flow? We’ve got a few grand ideas that just might inspire you! 

Phase 1: Guest’s Arrive

You’ve chosen a theme, you’ve hired your caterer, and you’re ready to receive your guests! Now, who will get the door? There are a few ways to make any entrance truly memorable with the Groovolution Entertainment team! 

  • The Path of Fire: Our fire dancers frame your guests path as they walk to your door, starting the evening off with intrigue and exotic flair. 
  • Stilt Greeters: Make a towering impression with a stilt greeter! This makes a great photo opportunity for guests just entering and gives them a larger-than-life taste of your event theme! 
  • Santa’s Helpers: Naughty or nice, these gals will greet your guests all the same! Whether you need a little extra help to serve champagne, take coats, or simply greet your guests with a smiling face, our Santa girls are always a hit at gatherings. 

Phase 2: The High

Dinner has been served, guests have had their fill of fancy punch and before a lull begins, the entertainment arrives! This is your chance to bring your party theme to it’s peak and give your guests a chance to sit back and be amused. Luckily, our entertainment crew is well equipped for this job. Here are a few of our favorite show ideas for the holiday season:

  • Toys Come to Life: The stuffed bear, ballerina doll and toy soldier tucked under the tree with care have unwrapped themselves for your entertainment! Watch them prance, pirouette and promenade to your delight and celebrate the festive mood. 
  • A White Christmas: Snow bunnies, snow queens and snowflakes dance in a dazzling display of LED light! This choreographed show is the perfect opportunity to hit the lights and get the party started. 
  • Christmas Around the World: This multi-prop display features some of our favorite world dance styles! From belly dance to martial arts staff, our crew will take you around the world in 20 minutes, adding to the festive flair of your event. 

Phase 3: The Last Hoorah

When the clock strikes midnight, it’s time to make moves! As your guests exit, employ the help of a few final tricks of the trade to help guests recall their magical evening.  

  • Party Favor Pixies: Santa’s little helpers are back to hand out party favors! End the evening with big smiles and festive bundles that guests can enjoy all season long. Some of our favorite goodies include the “Hangover Kit” (tea, croissant, Advil, makeup wipes), and the “For the Road Kit” (a Chritsmas cookie, mints, sparkly pin).
  • Thanks for the Memories: Take one final Polaroid for the road! Give guests the chance to take a photo with their favorite character of the night, and take a souvenir home with them. 
  • A Grand Goodbye: Bring the entertainment back for a final processional down the drive!  Our dancers can spin fire or LED props to light the way as guests exit for the night and enchant them one last time. 

Feeling inspired? Contact us today for holiday booking! Our large pool of talent is ready to help you and your guests get into the holiday spirit.