The Circus-Fantastic-Franticus! Video Shoot

It was a late warm summer afternoon, the air was thick with salt and humidity from the ocean air, and the Groovolution core team was sitting on the trunks of their cars attaching giant stilts to their feet racing against the setting sun. Just a day or two before, the owner of a warehouse – originally planned to be our video shoot location – called and said something went wrong with his plans and now cannot loan us the location for the only two evenings our talented camerawoman would be Read More

The Golden Hour with Marcus Adkins

We forced our eyes open and fought to keep them from shutting again during the darkness of our early morning. It was 3am, just an hour and a half from when we went to bed the night before from tirelessly preparing costumes and discussing ideas with our photographer. Marcus Adkins seemed more alert and alive than the rest of us despite getting the same amount of sleep, he was so enthusiastic and excited to take us to his secret photo location he about burst out the door when we were Read More

Dance with Us

Hello everyone! Perhaps you were drawn to this website because you have heard of or have seen something from Groovolution Entertainment before. Did you know Groovolution Entertainment and its dancers started out as a studio? That’s right! Groovolution Dance Studio is the premiere circus training and dance fitness facility in West Palm Beach Florida since 2010! This gorgeous studio is filled with equipment to cater to specialty dance and circus arts. Designed for the upcoming fitness-minded dance curious student, you can learn and develop new skills and talents while getting Read More