There cannot be light without shadow. And into the shadow of the night we venture, where creatures of darkness strike fear into unprepared hearts. But you have the chance now to heed our warning, and may enter at no risk to health or spirit. Because Spirits there will be many! 

  • Cue thunder sound, turn on strobes, start fog machine, let the show begin!*

We’re putting together something spooky for you this season, brought to you by Groovolution Entertainment’s professional performers! “Creatures of the Night” will feature a multi-act dance, aerial and prop manipulation show that celebrates the darker side of existence. Unicorns and rainbows certainly have their place with us (did you check out The Enchanted Fork?!), but this time, we’re choosing to honor the creatures of darkness, and the more sinister sides of ourselves that they represent. 

It is only when we face our demons that we are able to truly be free, so why not meet them up close and personal? Our performers have carefully chosen characters and creatures that have meaning to them, and are re-telling stories of myth and legend with a modern, cirque style twist. Feast your eyes on The Spectre, whirling through the air, neither here nor there; 

Or perhaps your attention will be diverted to The Witch Doctor, dragging her next victim under a love spell. 

Whatever pulls your heartstrings, don’t close your eyes for an instant! This sexy, supernatural and scary show will keep you guessing at every turn.

Served with this nightmarish medley, we will be offering a selection of carefully crafted concoctions that will keep the celebration flowing all night! Stay tuned for our official list, being released next week. “Creatures of the Night” premieres October 13th at 8 pm, and is open to adults over the age of 18. Tickets are available now through Eventbrite, at $25 per person and will be raised to $35 at the door, so purchase now.  We look forward to seeing you on the other side!