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It’s party planning time! Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or just a fun, themed event, you can make this your best event yet. Who doesn’t want a party that’s over-the-top and a little boujee, but doesn’t completely break the bank? 

Here are a few simple tips that can really transform an evening, making it one to remember (and totally have a blast at). 


Oasis for 100? No problem!

I get it, you have lamps and some form of overhead lights… somewhere. Remember the old phrase “mood lighting”? There is something about well-placed light that can completely change a space. I’m personally a big fan of uplighting.

What you need to do:

Turn your main lighting (lamps, overheads, etc.) down low and purchase a few uplights (you can get a pack of 4 on amazon).

Face the uprights against walls, corners, bars, or plants and enjoy your new space! 

Signature Drinks

Pro Tip- Keep non alcoholic and alcoholic pre-mixed drinks clearly marked and separated!

Alcoholic or not, grab a large pitcher with a spout (so you can operate without a bartender) and search online for a recipe or preferably two that guests will be going back to all night long. Think of the people you’ll have at your party. I like to usually assume two options, one sweeter with citrus and floral, and one either sharper or more savory in flavoring with herbs and limited syrup. 

Table Decor

We love the mismatched shapes here, and that the flowers underneath can be easily switched out with the season or theme!

Who doesn’t like to take a cute picture of their delicious beverage on a beautiful table? Just me? Ok. I love falling deep into the Pinterest vortex and coming up with some easy DIY ideas. Something I’ve been loving recently (and you probably already have the resources for) are these lovely inverted wine glasses with tea lights on top, and some sort of greenery or interesting object underneath. Learn how to make them here

Mobile Entertainment

Stilt walking jellies, sea nymphs and mermaids will make waves at your party!

What is more special than a little bit of personalized entertainment? Hiring a mobile performer is a great option for that special added touch to the ultimate event. Groovolution Entertainment (link website) offers a variety of mobile entertainment options such as mobile fire or glow to wow your guests. Mobile performers will have a set ranging from usually 10-15 minutes where they walk around tables or the dance floor and mesmerize everyone they encounter. Talk about a photo op! They are also great to have at photo areas or entrances. 

Feeling inspired? Contact us today to start planning your dream event!