The Perfect Holiday Party

Christmas comes but once a year, so why not make this year bigger than ever? There are a few elements that make for a memorable party: an exciting theme, a unique welcome and a strong finish! Statistics show that people remember primarily the first and last few minutes after a lavish celebration, and the “high” point. Think of a classic wedding- you remember seeing the bride walk down the aisle, maybe a dance or speech from the reception, and the final send off most vividly! Do you know how to Read More

Creatures of the Night, October 13th!

There cannot be light without shadow. And into the shadow of the night we venture, where creatures of darkness strike fear into unprepared hearts. But you have the chance now to heed our warning, and may enter at no risk to health or spirit. Because Spirits there will be many!  Cue thunder sound, turn on strobes, start fog machine, let the show begin!* We’re putting together something spooky for you this season, brought to you by Groovolution Entertainment’s professional performers! “Creatures of the Night” will feature a multi-act dance, aerial Read More

Boujee On A Budget

It’s party planning time! Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or just a fun, themed event, you can make this your best event yet. Who doesn’t want a party that’s over-the-top and a little boujee, but doesn’t completely break the bank?  Here are a few simple tips that can really transform an evening, making it one to remember (and totally have a blast at).  Lighting I get it, you have lamps and some form of overhead lights… somewhere. Remember the old phrase “mood lighting”? There is something about well-placed light Read More